Thursday, June 2, 2011

Magic embroidery with AVALON (Madeira)

What is AVALON? A transparent fabric, which dissolves in cold water, eco-friendly and leaving no residue. Simply place thin fabric, lace looped and knitted fabrics under or between two layers of AVALON before you start to embroider. These materials, as well as stretchable fabrics will no longer lose their shape as you sew or embroider on them. AVALON prevents loops from pulling on knitted or looped fabrics (terry towelling). 

AVALON helps you expand your creativity. This water-soluble transparent embroidery fabric from Madeira and a simple sewing machine allow you to turn any fabric or clothing into unique individual creations. AVALON can be used for everything - free style machine emroidery, appliques, terry towelling, jersey, buttonholes, and even darnings.

AVALON makes free style embroidery easy and fun. You just draw the desired design on the transparent fabric. Then place place the design with or without fabric in the embroidery hoop. Using 2 layers of AVALON, the background becames more stable and tearproof. Now select your machine's darning program, lower the feed mechanism, and embrioder with straight or zigzagstitches several times over one another, moving the embroidery hoop freely. Using this technique, you can either embroider directly on the fabric or create individual motifs (appliques) to be sewn on later. 

After the creative stitching is complete, the embroidered AVALON is being removed eco-friendly and leaving no residue, either by holding under running water or rinsing it out in a bowl of water Appliques may need to be tacked on a piece of fabric before rinsing, and are sewn on after drying. 

AVALON makes embroidering on terry towelling prblem free. Just place 2-3 layers of AVALON on the terry, taut in the embroidery hoop, and thread will lie on top of the loops, not in between them. Thanks to AVALON, you end up with an accurate and dense embroidery, exceptional for terry towelling and knitted fabrics. 

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