Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Few Wall Decorating Ideas

Do you need wall decorating ideas? The first thing people usually think of when it comes to decorating the walls of their home is to put up framed art or photographs. However, there are many other wall decorating ideas that are unique, inexpensive and easy to incorporate into each room of your home.
Here is a quick hit list of cheap and easy ways to decorate your walls and perhaps create a whole new wall decor in the process.
  • Quilts are a classic decorating accessory and can be used with any decorating style. Hang them on a wall, stack them on a shelf or showcase them in a shadow box or frame on the wall.
  • Small, lightweight rugs can also be used for decorating walls and add color and interest.
  • Hang your child's christening outfit on a beautifully decorated hanger and add vintage doll dresses around it for a collection. This would be great in a little girl's bedroom, sewing room, or sitting room. 

  • Create a wall mural by your own hand or use vintage fabrics, wallpaper remnants, wall decals, or maps to create unique wall art.
  • Mirrors are a fantastic wall decorating idea for any room of the home. Hang groups of large and small mirrors if you want to cover an entire wall.
  • Go dimensional!Use the objects! Hang small chairs on the wall and use them as shelves. Musical instruments, toys, plates, saucers and cups, driftwood, masks, wall fountains, and wall letters are just a few ideas to get you started. 
  • Create a collage of those old postcards or frame individual postcards for a different look on a wall.
  • Vintage handkerchiefs should adorn a wall somewhere instead of never seeing the light of day. Carefully frame them and hang on a wall in a collection or throughout the home.
  • Flea markets are a great place to find wall accents and art. Frame or create a collection (on wall shelves or cubbies) of glassware, vases, die-cast vehicles, flowerpots, teapots, pottery, etc.
  • Blank art canvases are the perfect background for wall decorating ideas. Cover the canvas with pretty vintage fabrics, embroidered pieces, t-shirts, orphaned quilt squares, or pretty wrapping paper. 

  • Calendar pages can be framed and used as wall art.
  • Your child's artwork is the most unique wall art that can be created. If you're really creative, scan your child's artwork into the computer and print the images onto fabric. Create a wall hanging from those fabric images! 

  • Wrought iron, metal accents, or iron pieces from flea markets or antique stores can be great wall decorating idea. 

  • Family photos are always a great way to decorate the walls of your home.
  • Magnetic paint will transform a wall into a great backdrop for displaying your child's art, magnetic letters, or even a family bulletin board to leave messages for each other.
  • Display your favorite scarves, hats, or even jewelry on your wall as a collection. The items are instantly "stored", but double as beautiful wall decor as well. 

  • Another great idea...Check out The Simple Stencil for a vast array of decorative wall transfers. You can customize any room in your house, and they go on like magic!

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