Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Rings that you have to love!!!

Here are some crazy, funny, modern, eye-catching rings...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Molas: Textile Art of Kuna People

Molas are the colorful, multi-layered appliqué panels of blouses worn by Kuna women of Panama. The Kuna live in a region called Kuna Yala, which means “Kuna Land.” This area, more formally known as the San Blas Archipelago, lies off the eastern coast of Panama. Molas developed after Spanish colonization, in particular within the past 100 years when cotton yard cloth became commonly available to the Kuna. The intricately designed and sewn molas are attached to the front and/or back of women’s blouses and are considered a major form of artistic expression and ethnic identity.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Few Wall Decorating Ideas

Do you need wall decorating ideas? The first thing people usually think of when it comes to decorating the walls of their home is to put up framed art or photographs. However, there are many other wall decorating ideas that are unique, inexpensive and easy to incorporate into each room of your home.
Here is a quick hit list of cheap and easy ways to decorate your walls and perhaps create a whole new wall decor in the process.
  • Quilts are a classic decorating accessory and can be used with any decorating style. Hang them on a wall, stack them on a shelf or showcase them in a shadow box or frame on the wall.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nature-Inspired Crafts for Children

Whether you gather supplies in your neighborhood or at the crafts store, your kids will love bringing the outdoors inside with these easy natural crafts projects featuring supplies found in nature.

Rain Stick

This instrumental craft might not summon the rain, but the natural seeds inside the tube sound like a real thunderstorm when your child turns it from end to end.

Make It: Cut a piece of decorative cardstock or scrapbook paper 1/2 inch wider than the circumference of an empty paper towel roll and 1 inch taller than the roll. Measure across the inside of the roll to get the diameter. Cut a piece of boxboard or heavyweight cardstock 1/4 inch narrower than the diameter of the roll. Accordion-fold the boxboard and stuff it inside the roll.

Next, tape one side of the roll closed. Have your child scoop rice and popcorn seeds into the tube; tape the other end closed. Adhere the decorative paper to the outside of the roll, folding the paper over the ends. Adhere two circles of the same decorative paper to cover the ends of the roll. To finish, have your child choose pretty ribbons to tie on to an elastic band. Place the band around the tube and you're ready to play.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lush Designs

Lampshades!!! Pillows!!! Tea Towels!!! Greeting Cards!!! .... And Much More!!!

Lush Designs is the creation of Marie Rodgers and Maria Livings. They design and manufacture homewares and gifts which feature our idiosyncratic print designs.
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