Friday, November 28, 2014

Beautiful Braids Every Weaver Should Know

Braids are a byway of weaving. One of the many journeys weavers can go on. In amongst tying knots and intertwining yarn, we use braids to embellish our unique woven textiles. Weaving braids is addictive, puzzle-like and absorbing. Whether it’s for a trim, edge finish or a closure, braiding techniques are an essential tool in a weaver’s skill box.
Braids and ways of braiding have developed in the most extraordinary ways around our world. Japanese Kumihimo braiding is done on a Marudai stand but can be explored on a simple cardboard circle or square. Andean sling braiding is a fascinating method of doing very tight complex braiding in the curled fingers of a fist without tension. And of course there are countless ways of using our fingers to build braids.
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