Friday, July 27, 2012

How to tie-dye the cotton fabric?

Source: Golden Fingers

While the cotton is the traditional fibre for tie-dyeing in Africa and India, you can use almost any fibre for this process providing that it is receptive for the dye and not too bulky to withstand tying. For best results, select a smooth, fine cloth such as cotton lawn. In general, man-made fibres are not as suitable as natural ones because they don't absorb the dyes as readily.

Always make sure that you wash the cloth prior to dyeing to remove manufacturers' finishes and grease, since these may impair the results. It is important that you wash the cloth in the hottest temperature it will withstand (refer to the manufacturer's instructions for advice). Afterward, make sure that you rinse and dry the fabric and iron it flat before you start folding or dyeing.
As the example here featured reveal, everyone has their own technique of tie-dyeing. While some people favour stitch-resist technique, others produce existing results by binding objects like peanuts into the cloth. As you will see, the results are often diverse, especially if you create your own dye colour. The example shown in this step-by-step guide has been stitched in order to resist the dye, but you can employ a wide variety of techniques - from tying and binding to knotting, folding, plaiting and hand stitching.

Braided rugs

Source: Golden Fingers

Braiding rugs became close to an art form, and going above the skills of someone who wants to make simple and inexpensive floor cover. Rugs are today made from pure wool, carefully designed to fit almost in any interior. They are hand braided and laced with special threads.
Other rugs are braided by machine with an even braids. Big discount stores, department stores and 'flea markets' are places where can be find this cheaper version. Also, there are real braided rugs. Rugs the way they were invented, made from real rags from old worn clothing and other random cloths.

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